Farewell to tour and hello to the worldwide web!
Farewell to tour and hello to the worldwide web!

Farewell to tour and hello to the worldwide web!

Hello world!

Here it goes – my first blog. It’s funny how difficult it is for me to put my thoughts out into the universe. I’ve always been an extremely private person, but I feel a strong desire to express myself in writing and hopefully my thoughts and experiences will resonate with readers on this platform.  

A brief background on me, for those of you who don’t know me: I grew up primarily in Palmer, AK…a place that I will always love. It’s been over a decade now since I’ve left the state, but it has had a huge role in shaping who I am today. After leaving Alaska, I spent 12 years touring the country with my family as the band Redhead Express. We played, or at least traveled through, every state except Hawaii. It was an incredible and life-changing experience, playing thousands of shows and meeting people from all walks of life. While living in Nashville, TN I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented people in the music industry. This is also where I met and married my husband, Kelly. We now have three sweet and rambunctious boys and are currently living in the state of Utah.  

A new chapter

Redhead Express disbanded last fall, 2019, which, although we couldn’t have known it then, was very timely, considering the state of live performances in the year of 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. Had we not disbanded when we did, I’m pretty sure we might have been stranded on the road somewhere with all of our gigs canceled and no way to fund the trip back home! Transitioning from band-life to quiet family life has been a roller coaster, to say the least. I have loved being able to throw myself into mothering my boys and we have all thrived on a more consistent schedule. I’ve been able to start homeschooling my oldest, who is in Kindergarten, and explore new interests myself, including taking a family herbalist course (which I’m loving!). Conversely, I have also genuinely missed traveling and expressing myself through music and writing. Along with the desire to write, however, I’ve experienced a season of writer’s block. So I guess this blog is a way for me to unblock my thoughts and connect with the wide world from my home. I remember being asked from time to time in my travels “Do you miss being part of a neighborhood and community?” My answer was always that I just had a much bigger neighborhood. It extended from the Florida keys, on up to Maine and Delaware; across to Tennessee & Missouri, over to Idaho and up to Alaska. I miss associating with all of you! I look forward to connecting with you here.

Wrapping up

To reiterate what I said at the beginning, it’s always challenging for me to put myself out into the world…I battle thoughts in my head like ”What if no one likes what I have to say?”, “What if nothing I say resonates with people?”, “What if I don’t really have anything significant to share with the world?”, what if, what if… but I know I’m not alone in this type of self-talk!

So here I am! I’m Kendra Stevenson, wife to Kelly, mother of 3 beautiful boys. I’m passionate about music, traveling, mothering, homeschooling, holistic healing and learning how to live more organically. This blog will a fun way for me to share my journey and learn from you! I’ll be blogging about all of the above (in between wrangling my boys, of course)…I’ll be sharing music & music/performing tips, homeschooling ideas and resources, recipes, random thoughts, etc. Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to hear from me!  

With love, Kendra


    1. Carol Hollatz

      Interesting I just come across your blog. I always wondered what your sisters were all up to now. We have missed seeing good, clean entertainment since you have retired. Family is important first.

      1. Ron kuehnle

        Hey Kendra. It’s been 4 years now since you all
        Disbanded. It’s true the timing was right since the pandemic came shortly thereafter. Now things have returned back to where it was, including the strawberry festival. One thing that hasn’t ever been the same is the abscence of you and your sisters and brothers performing at the strawberry festival.
        I know your main focus is on your children and that’s great. I just want you all to know how much I miss hearing you all sing. Music can change peoples lives, and at the very least give a lift emotionally. I was going through some bad times in my life and your music helped me through it. Now it helps me to heal. For me, Roots will always be my favorite song. What a beautifully written song, a masterpiece of music. I told the strawberry festival if they have a hall of fame you all should be in it.
        I would hope someday you all will have a reunion and sing together again. We need you back! Please come back and sing your heart out!

  1. Pam Benthall

    Best wishes on this new adventure. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your beautiful family while on tour. (Meeker, Co). My daughters, Kayleigh and Morrigan fell in Love with you, and were thrilled to cook pizza’s for you. When you are near Meeker, I’ll be happy to cook for you again!
    With MUCH love and Admiration <3
    Pam, Kayleigh and Morrigan

  2. Ron Kuehnle

    Thank you Kendra for taking the time to write your first blog. I enjoyed reading it. It must be a little challenging since by nature you are a private person. I hope you continue to write and sing. Thank you for taking my song requests at the strawberry festival. I was watching a Facebook memory from 3 years ago when you took my request to sing Somewhere Where The Road Don’t Move. It makes me miss so much seeing you and your sisters on stage. It’s makes me sad it ended yet I am grateful for the memories. By the way I messaged you on messenger. I hope Kelly and the children are doing well.

  3. Kathryn A

    Hello! I saw redhead express in Sandpoint idaho when I was visiting my grandma during the fall off track a few years back. I would certainly love to read the music/performing tips…as I’m a sort of new musician myself.
    Love from Texas 🙂

  4. I saw you several years ago when you were down in Branson, MO and loved it!! Many, many years ago I was part of a traveling band and It was fun but I was not sorry when it ended. Tiring and sometimes very frustrating. GODSPEED to you and your whole family!!!!

  5. Jolene Porter

    Saw you guys in Sandpoint Idaho at the fair. Must of been just before you girls disbanded abd found this when I was trying to search if you’d maybe be preforming there again after the covid panic. You guys are GREAT. Good luck to you guys. Also saw you years ago in Texas when the whole family preformed. Glad I have all your cd’s to enjoy.

  6. Luis Willis

    When you stopped touring the world lost a chance to enjoy one of the most gorgeous voices in music today, from the first time I heard your voice at that Easter concert here in St. Catharines long ago I figured you would be the next Carrie Underwood but it shows you just what a crapshoot the music business is..

      1. Pat Kent

        Hi Kendra! I’m so happy that I found this site. I’ve often wondered how you and your family are doing. Just to refresh your memory my husband played the tub bass with y’all at the little theater in Branson years ago. We loved and followed y’all over the years and always enjoyed your music. It’s really good to see your beautiful boys . I really miss seeing y’all at Triple Creek but have really good memories. Take care and say hello to the family.
        Pat Kent, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  7. Sherry Adcox

    Was wondering about all of you. You will be dearly missed from all your followers and you will gain some that will not get to see you perform. All of you have grown up to be beautiful young adults. I remember the first time I seen you all Joe’s Produce in Joelton. Keep the music going. Tell mom, dad and siblings hello from Nashville for us.

  8. Berton Feuchtwanger

    Hello from Iowa,
    Started following your family thru the videos
    That were posted on the Redhead Express site.
    I enjoyed watching and listening very much.
    Saw this blog and and it answered many questions about where is Redhead Express?
    I think your decision to stop traveling and settle down to raise your family was very wise.
    If the opportunity for your family to perform again comes up, know that I am a big fan.
    The best to your entire family, stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy!

  9. Ed Clawson

    We miss you all at the Alaska State Fair and you and your family in Palmer. And especially in the Palmer chapel choir. It was always a special treat when The Express came back home for a visit. It was a great time to catch up and try to convince you all to come baack home.

  10. Saud

    Facebook reminded me today that 4 years ago today, sept 2 2019 you guys played at the kittitas county fair in Ellensburg, Washington. You reminded me a lot of the Dixie chicks and thought you ladies could have the same success. Don’t completely give up on the music, you have something there.

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