Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Throughout our touring years, we spent a lot of time in Virginia. So much so, that it really feels as though we’ve lived there for a time. Most of our time in Virginia was spent on the west side of the state, although we did come through Virginia Beach once and spent the evening exploring the boardwalk. We actually shot a fun little video of us walking around Virginia Beach!

So I was excited when we found out that our next job would be located in the Virginia Beach area! We absolutely loved our time in Virginia. I really love the change of scenery from state to state and it was fun to go from palm trees and spanish moss to a wooded campground and hills. Virginia Beach is sooo beautiful. We arrived just before springtime, so we had the opportunity to see everything really come to life. So many beautiful flowers and songbirds! It makes my heart happy! 

The boys and I had so much fun spying on birds with our binoculars, going for bike rides around the campground and trying out different playgrounds after finishing schoolwork. When Kelly would get home from work, we spent many evenings sitting around the campfire and going on spontaneous adventures. One week, maybe my favorite memory, we rode our bikes down to the beach… well, I rode my bike with Stella in a pack on my back and Rio riding shotgun, Hyrum and Gary on their bikes and Kelly leading the way on his one wheel (insert eye roll). Anyone remember the Jetsons? One Wheels always make me think of that show haha. Anyway, we found a great little spot to access the beach. The boys collected sea shells and splashed in the still cold ocean water while we watched a pod of dolphins swim and birds dive for fish. There’s something healing about being close to the sea. I’m a mountain girl at heart, but I would love to spend a whole summer living right on the beach. The vastness of the ocean and sky is always so humbling…it puts the rest of life into perspective and reminds me that He who commands the sea is control. 

It’s funny too, I feel like God is constantly sending us little nods of encouragement that we’re in the right place. When we got to the area and went to church for the first time, I had two or three different people come up to me and say that they recognized me from the Redhead Express videos they had found on Youtube and that they loved our music. It made me feel at home and I love that our music is still reaching people, even if we aren’t touring anymore. 

We loved being close to so much history, too and spent time camping near Washington D.C. and visiting Jamestown and Yorktown. Someday when the kids are a little older, I want to do an American history tour and see all the sights with them. Nothing brings history to life like standing where everything actually happened.

Another fun things we discovered was the ice cream (yum!) I’m always in search of the best ice cream. Blacksmith Ice Cream in Bountiful, UT is still my top favorite, but we found a couple bomb diggity ice cream shops in VA Beach as well. Gelati Celesti and Gerald’s Ice Cream were very nearly as good as Blacksmith. 

On our way out of town, we spent a few hours riding go karts. My boys were in heaven! They’re still talking about the go karts. It was bittersweet waving goodbye to the area. So many memories I’ll treasure for a long time – eating the most amazing fish ’n chips on the beach when Nana (my mother-in-law) came to visit; picking fresh strawberries at a local farm; dolphin watching; popping down to the beach just ‘cause it was so close! I can definitely see a VA Beach vacation in the future. 


  1. Renee Igo

    It’s amazing to see how beautifully your family is growing! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. May God continue to bless you with many more adventures and happy times together!

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